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8 July, 2013

The Begining

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The journey of food is a great one and I believe that every one should experience it once in a while. I fell in love with food at a very young age and my nose had a wonderful way of telling that what is cooking in the kitchen, the moment I came back from school I would identify what is cooking for lunch the moment the door for my house opened.

My Mother is a great cook and most of the recipes being published here have come to me from her only, I always wanted her to publish a book of recipes that she had, we began working on the same to but you know moms.; that says it all. She did compile a great dairy which has been doing rounds across the board for every girl in our extended family about to be married.

Being a Jain, we always had food without onions and Garlic and though I loved food we never went out to eat till I was in high school as my Mother and Father would not eat at a restaurant. This gave us a great gift of making food that would last for 3 to 4 days when we went out. This also made a sandwich lover as I would always experiment with different forms and verities of sandwiches. Will see something outside and would try to recreate the same at home and that’s where my fixation with cooking began.

It went on to the next level when my job brought me out of my home and into the world where I had very limited choices of food. Most of my cooking became basic on weekdays but on weekend I started to experiment with anything and everything I got my hands on.

Hopefully the compilation would help you with your food needs and will be a great ride for you, the way it has been for me.


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