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8 July, 2013

Cheese Corn Toasts

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Preparation Time: 10 mins || Cooking Time: 10 mins


8 Slice Bread (Brown/White)
2 cup sweet corn (Bhutta/Makkai Dana)
Pizza Cheese or Cheddar Cheese (One Cube)
1 Capsicum (Green/Coloured)
3 Green Chilies (Medium Sized)
2 tsp – Chili Flakes (Red)
2 tsp Oregano
Salt to Taste


How to Cook:

> Boil the Sweet Corn, for around 5 minutes and Keep aside to cool
> Mix Cheese, Green Chilies and Sweet Corn along with Salt and blend the same (Without Blending is also fine)
> Apply this paste on the bread and garnish it with Capsicum, Oregano and Chili Flakes

<<If you are Using Oven/Microwave>>
> Place the prepared bread in the oven at preheated 180 degrees for around 5 minutes (till the cheese melts) (in case you are using microwave, keep it in microwave for around 2 minutes on High)

<<If you are Using Non-Stick Pan on a Gas Stove>>
> Keep the prepared bread on the pan (Tava) for around 2 minutes so the base is crispy
> Cover it with a lid to facilitate melting of cheese for around 2 to 3 minutes

Serve it with Tomato Ketchup with a cold coffee or a milk shake.

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